Are you ready for war?
Plunge into a world full of secrets and magic and become part of the best Lineage 2: Master Class community!

Feel the true L2 experience!
We know just multiplying the rates on a server of this new chronicle won't give you the real Lineage 2 experience. It is why we modified each mob, raidboss and instance one by one to balance the amount of exp, adena, items drop and quest items that you will get.
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Master Class
Cursed by the Fire Dragon Valakas, Sigel Death Knight has gained terrifying power. Special skills — auras — make him a trusted companion as well as a mighty fighter. Switch between Auras of Restraint and Fury to achieve the best results during a battle.
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Unique PvE System
With more than 150 field & epic Raid Boss, more than 30 solo & party instances and more open farming zones than any live server right now, L2SoW is the best server for those who enjoy the farm. With all classes working and our anti-bot protection system we ensure an unique PvE experience for whoever want to play a real L2 server again.
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Sieges, Olympiads and Events
We offer a true balanced PvP experience. We balanced classes and races one by one for you to enjoy epic sieges, legendary olympiads and many daily and season events.
Make Lineage 2 great again
Take a look at everything you will enjoy on L2SoW.
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150+ Field & Epic Raid Bosses
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40+ Solo & Party Instances
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Homunculus & Collection System
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100+ Armor & Weapon Appearances
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No Paytowin
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Live Map
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Unique Open Zones
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Death Knight Class
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Conquest World
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Here starts your journey

First, download the client (Master Class Ch. 2) and then, download the Updater. Open the updater and push play when it finish.
Accounts are auto-create.

If the buttons are not working, please, write us and try this link.

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Chapter 2 Update April 30

Prepare your weapons, clean the blood from your armor. You have a date with the battle next 1st of january.
Are you ready for death or glory?

New Field & Epic Raid Bosses

Lot of strong Bosses have come from mistery lands. Some of them came back from the dead and now they are stronger than ever. Do you think you could handle their power?
Every Raid Boss is now displayed in the map.

Master Class

New Death Knight class, Conquest World, lot of Items and new Skills. The last official chronicle of the game is waiting for you live in L2 SoW!

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